About C2M

Coach 2 Mentor is an organization that was established to help bridge the gap for our youth between academics and athletes.  We also are an advocate for the youth whereby we establish solutions to negative behaviors and self-esteem building for the entire family.

We service today's youth in becoming tomorrow's leaders by getting involved in all aspects of their lives through one-on-one mentoring, family home visits and school visits.  We have orchestrated programs that allow the youth to build confidence on and off the field; challenge their talents and abilities and encourage them to thrive in all aspects of life.

We know that in today's society, families are challenged with the pressure of making a lot of sacrifices for themselves as well as their children.  Sometimes, as parents we feel like giving up, but we don't.  Coach 2 Mentor helps empower the family by partnering with them to discover alternative solutions.

Some of our programs consist of:  Team Building, The Cause and Effects of Bullying, Financial Literacy, Self-Esteem Building, Overcoming Negative Behaviors, Child Obesity, Academic Confidence, and Restoring the Family Unit.

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