Restoring the Family Unit

Restoring the Family Unit
Restoring the Family Unit
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This is a 6 months program with monthly 1 hour home visits and a 30 min follow up phone sessions that is full of accountability through the sessions.

The importance of this program is to establish consistency and continuity in our homes.  It is also important to maintain unity in the homes and among the parent-child relationship, which will minimize negative outside influences.  It is a way for everyone to come together to discuss the positives and negatives in their daily lives.  Restoring the Family Unit is not a platform for the parent to point out all the negatives in their child, but it is a platform where there is open forum among parent and child that breeds growth for the entire family.  

In this program, we help you to develop action plans that assist the family with setting an environment that is conducive for growth for the entire family.  This is a hands on program that will enable solutions to restore and maintain the family unit.

Though this 6 month program (1 monthly session), we will help you to identify the root cause that is bringing discord in the family.  We will also help you to strategies a plan in rebuilding the home structure and we will help you regain your family unti back.

This 6 month program is $100.00 a month (includes 1 face-to-face session and 1 phone session) x 6 months = $600.00

You can pay in installments OR you can pay in full and get $150.00 OFF.  Your investment is $450.00 for paying in full.

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