Self-Esteem Building - 3mth Prog.

Self-Esteem Building - 3mth Prog.
Self-Esteem Building - 3mth Prog.
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This is a 3 month program (6 sessions) w/ bi-weekly visits.  The cost includes 2 visits per session which is equivalent to 2 visits a month.

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself as a person.  Low self-esteem can cause great emotional pain if carried into your adulthood.  Many people base their self-worth based on external factors.  How much money you make, your outer apperance, the circles you run in, etc.  If one of the variables change, it reflects their self-esteem, which effects your behavior.

Building self-esteem and creating a positive self awareness comes from taking an inventory of your strength and abilities as a human being, and finding peace in it.  Inner peace does not mean you are unaware of your weaknesses, it means you accept who you are and genuinely like the person you have become.

Low self esteem is often linked to rejection and has side effects of depression and anxiety -- among other side effects. 

Through this 3 month program, (6 sessions) we will help you to identify the root cause to what brings about emotional inbalance.  We will also help you to discover your strengths and learn to see challenges as opportunities to utilize those strengths.  Most importantly, we will also help you to learn how to gain control over your feelings, manage your moods, and teach you to build an inner dialogue about who you are.

This 3 month program is $100.00 a month (includes 2 sessions) x 3 months = $300.00.

You can pay in installments OR you can pay in full and get $25.00 OFF.  Your investment is $275.00 for paying full.


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