Overcoming Negative Behavior - 3mth Prog.

Overcoming Negative Behavior - 3mth Prog.
Overcoming Negative Behavior - 3mth Prog.
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This is a 3 month program (6 sessions) w/ bi-weekly visits.  The cost includes 2 visits per session which is equivalent to 2 visits a month.

Negative emotions is an outward display of an internal wound in a persons soul.  The soul consist of your mind (intellect), emotions, and will.  Physical scars can be seen outwardly, but internal scars are manifested through behaviors, inwardly and outwardly.  We are all products of our environment, upbringing, experiences, things spoken to us and what has not been spoken to us that shapes our personaility.  Lies are one of the easiest places a survirvor can run to.  Subconsiously, we have patterns of thinking that keeps us in a rut.  Negavtive behaviors become defense mechanism that we create as a result of a wounded soul.

The sense of purpose, acceptance, creativity, hope, identity, self-worth, and security all stems from a person who feels loved as a child -- which breeds a healthy soul. 

Through this 3 month program (6 sessions), we will help you to identify the root cause that brings about negative emotions.  We will also help you to understand the doors that are open that fuels negative behaviors and help you to work through them, that allows you to maintain control over behaviors, emotions and your thinking.

This 3 month program is $100.00 a month (includes 2 sessions) x 3 months = $300.00

You can pay in installments OR you can pay in full and get $25.00 OFF.  Your investment is $275.00 for paying in full.

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